The Graduate Studies Programs (GSPs) of the School of Rular and Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (RSE-AUTH) have been established since 1997.

The goals of our gratitude programs are:

  • To meet the country's needs for high quality scientists in order to contribute to social, economic and technological development of the country and to improve its competiveness in these sectors.
  • To prepare the next generation of the scientific staff of the universalities and corporations in the country, able to complete to these in Europe.
  • To exploit the existing scientific staff and to enrich the existing infrastructure.
  • To attract students from other (ie neighboring) countries.
  • To attract students from other sectors of technology

The two GSPs of the School lead to a Graduate diploma. These GSPs are:

The School of RSE participates also at two Interdepartmental Programs of Postgraduate Studies of Faculty of Engineering AUTH:

 The GSP of the School offers also a PhD program to holders of a Graduate Diploma from RSE  AUTh or to holders of a equivalent  Graduate Diploma of an equivalent academic institution in Greece or abroad.