The GSP of the School offers a PhD program to holders of a Graduate Diploma from PRSE / AUTh or to holders of a equivalent  Graduate Diploma of an equivalent academic institution in Greece or abroad.

Selection of candidates

Doctoral candidates (DC) for the acquisition of Doctoral Diploma (DD) may be:

  • holders of a Graduate Diploma from Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering (FRSE)
  • holders of equivalent Graduate Diploma of an equivalent academic institution in Greece or abroad, in a scientific discipline relevant in those contained in the GSP of FRSE

The write-up of a Doctoral Thesis

After the nomination of a Doctoral Candidate (DC), the General Assembly of Spectral Composition (SGA) after a proposal from the department to the Coordinating Committee (CC), appoints a three member Advisory Committee (AC) from faculty members of FRSE, among which the member that supported the application of the DC, who is also appointed as the Supervising Professor (SP) of the DT. At the end of each semester the DC submits to the AC a report of activities. The AC is compelled to submit an annual report on the progress of DT to the CC, as well as to the FRSE.

The minimum time for the completion of a DT is 3 years from the date of assigning the title of it, according the article 13, &1-d, of legislation N. 2083/92. Maximum possible duration for the completion of the DT is 6 years.

Evaluation and completion of a Doctoral Thesis

The final evaluation and examination of a DT is done by a 7-member Examination Committee (EC), as specified in &5 of article 12 of N. 2083-92. The nomination and the oath of a new Doctor gives, is an official procedure, taking taking place in front of the SGA, in an open meeting with the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.